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ADD your own dedicated accounting unit. SUBTRACT the hassle of handling your own accounts. Plug us in. 

Running your own business is a challenge, and handling your own accounts, payroll, tax and government filings takes up valuable time. Our SME Package takes care of all that. Let our team of professionals look after the numbers, so you can rest assured knowing your accounts are being handled professionally and in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Bundled Services for Start-ups & SMEs

Our bundled services package covers all the bases - we'll get you started, manage your books, handle your tax filings and provide you with the reports that give you a clear picture of your company's performance.

This package includes:

Bookkeeping and accounting

Payroll administration

Tax filing 

Tax consulting

Reporting (choose between basic and premium reports)


Our Process


Set up

We set up your accounting system and design the 'chart of accounts' that is suitable for your business and follows industry best practices.


Bookkeeping and Transaction Entry

We enter all transactions - sales invoices, vendor bills, customer payments, checks, expenses, payroll and keep track of your assets



We reconcile your accounts so you can easily identify lost checks, missing payments, excess charges or anything else out of place.



We generate financial statements and reports to give you a clear picture of your company's performance, its management of cash and other assets.

Financial Consulting Service for SMEs (your Virtual CFC)

As your business grows, so does your need for more sophisticated financial consulting, but instead of hiring a full-time CFO, take advantage of our 'Virtual CFO' - giving you access to the advice you need, when you need it, on a pay as you go basis

Knowing your financial options and understanding what drives your business helps you make the right decisions when it really matters. Our team provides you with greater insight into your business performance, helping streamline your processes, save money, eliminate waste and budget more effectively

This service includes:

Cost accounting and analysis

Control your costs and evaluate business performance and efficiency

Budgeting, monitoring and forecasting

Giving you the ability to react and adapt to market needs and volatility

Profitability and ratio analysis

Assess the operational health of your business and plan for the future.

Mergers and acquisitions support

Get the right valuation support and advice on the most tax friendly company structure

Variance analysis

Evaluate your performance and improve business management by identifying gaps between the budgeted amount and the actual amount of both cost and revenue


Top questions

Do I have to use Quickbooks online?

Quickbooks is the leading accounting software for SMEs. Quickbooks online provides you with the added functionality of having access to your books anything and everywhere. We have chosen QB as our default platform for the benefits it brings; furthermore, standardization allows for efficiency gains that are reflected on our competitive pricing. For special cases, see More

What do you mean by "Transaction"?Transaction means any event that affects a change in the asset, liability or net-worth account. Transactions are recorded first in journal and then posted to a ledger and they include; invoice to customer, bill to vendor, check to vendor, monthly payroll and their payments (considered one transaction), customer payment, weekly pettycash (one transaction), other invoices - More

If I am a new company, do you handle registration in the Tax Department on my behalf?


Do you handle Social Security, and if so what does it cover?

We register the client company in the social security department and prepare the monthly social security statements.

What does "Virtual CFO" mean?As companies grow, they start requiring more management accounting and financial planning services. Those are more sophisticated services than the transactional type of bookkeeping and accounting functions and require the knowhow and services of experienced financial professionals. By outsourcing this function, you get the services of a CF) while not having to employ one - More

What do your VAT services cover?

Our services cover the complete cycle - from registration in the FTA, ensuring full compliance with VAT regulation, filling VAT returns, answering enquiries related to VAT law, to attending meetings with FTA officers during audits.

Do you do auditing as well?

No, we are a specialized accounting firm and we believe in the separation between the two functions. We do however, arrange for auditing services through third parties for our clients who wish to deal with one entity onlu.

Do I have to use Quickbooks online?

Our charging model is based on the level of effort and time each account requires. We do our pricing based on the number of transactions.

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