About ZADD Numbers

At ZADD NUMBERS, we’re pioneering the concept of providing plug-in, outsourced professional accounting and financial management services to the Arab region’s innovative and dynamic small and medium sized companies. Dozens of tech startups, fast-growth enterprises as well as established businesses across all sectors, use ZADD NUMBERS for tasks ranging from basic accounting all the way to tapping into our Virtual CFO advisory service.

ZADD NUMBERS was founded in 1998 in Amman, Jordan (as RAA back then), and quickly became the most respected firm in the area of outsourced accounting services with the largest customer base in the country.

In 2015, the company started expanding its operations into the GCC, starting with the UAE.

ZADD NUMBERS is a member of the ZADD family of companies.

About ZADD​

Three unique companies. Three specializations. One philosophy. To find a niche, and build a powerful set of flexible and reliable services that can be seamlessly plugged in by clients into their organizations, in a manner so well integrated that they forget that they’re “outsourcing”.

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ZADD © 2024. All rights reserved.

ZADD © 2024. All rights reserved.