Providing you with insightful, actionable reports

Producing financial statements is not only a regulatory requirement; proper reporting is essential for running companies of any size – it should tell you how your business is doing and assist you in making informed decisions.

Our reports start from the standard financial statements of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement, all the way to customized dashboards that with a quick glance tell you what you need to know.

You can choose between our basic or premium reports to get business insights that keep you one step ahead.

Report Features Standard Basic Premium
Balance sheet
Income statement
Cash flow statement
Aging accounts receivables
Aging accounts payables
Vendor balance details
Open invoices by customer
Unpaid bills by vendor
Profit & loss detailed statements
Profit & loss by month
Profit & loss YTD comparison
Profit & loss by job
Profit & loss by class
Sales by customer summary
Sales by customer details
Sales by customer graph
Sales by item summary
Sales by item details
Sales graph by item
Sales by sales representative summary
Sales by sales representative details
Income by customer summary
Income by customer details
Job profitability summary
Job profitability details
Purchases by vendor summary
Bank deposit details
Bank checks details

Our customized dashboards give you the big picture of your business at a glance and in real time – whether in the office or on the go. Choose metrics that matter most to your type of business, and visualize the data in real time for faster and better understanding and decision making. (Customized dashboards are an additional service available for an extra fee).


ZADD © 2024. All rights reserved.

ZADD © 2024. All rights reserved.